50 Free Tokens For Signing Up For The Affiliate Program

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Ternio will be giving away 100,000 daily tokens to 20 lucky participants.

Starting February 5th, 2018 Ternio will be giving away 5,000 tokens to 20 different users each day for 50 days. This amounts to over 5,000,000 tokens of free cryptocurrency just for signing up. Click on the link above to sign up for the program and keep an eye out on their telegram account for announcements. If you are looking to sign up for their ICO, it will be launching on April 2nd and the starting price for each token will be $.10 USD. The above link will take you there as well.


What is Ternio?

Ternio is one of the latest ICO’s to be launched off the impressive Stellar network. The Stellar network is one of the fastest and cheapest networks to run transactions off of. (Stellar is basically a new and improved version of Etherium). You can send money from one side of the globe to the other in a matter of seconds (almost instantly) and for almost nothing. Ternio aims to use the speed of this network to tackle the $228 billion dollar worldwide digital advertising market. Ternio goal is to eliminate the middle man and connect the advertisers and publishers together using smart contracts to reduce costs for both parties and ensure product delivery.


Ternio Affiliate Program

Just for signing up for the affiliate program Ternio will give you 50 free tokens for providing your email address. This equates to $5 USD currently at their ICO price of ten cents, but that value will increase to a much greater number when the token hits the actual exchanges and starts to get some widespread adoption. This is free money at no risk.


Free tern tokens