Victiv Easter Egg Hunt

Sorry guys no time for a write up on today’s action. I am spending time with my family today for Easter. I will be back in the swing of things tomorrow.

VICTIV is running an Easter Egg hunt today. Basically what they are doing is randomly running free tournaments and giving away free money throughout the day. If you follow them on twitter @playvictiv they will update you when these are going on. Also, you can look throughout the lobby today and just wait for the freebies to appear. If you haven’t set up an account with them yet, you should give them a shot. They will give you a chance to play for $30 to start a bankroll without paying a dime. Click on the banner below to get the promo code.


World Series of Poker Package

Have you ever wanted to sit down at the poker table with some of the big boys and play for the most coveted prize in Poker? Of course you have, but there is just one small problem…that expensive $10,000 buy in. But wait you do have a chance! You can win an World Series of Poker package by playing Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball on DraftKings. With qualifiers starting at only $.25, you have the potential to turn that investment into 10 Million Dollars if you can make to Vegas and win the Tournament!!! Talk about a good Return on Investment. During this past NFL and current NBA seasons, DraftKings will be sending 20 lucky people to go and compete in Las Vegas for this mouth watering Prize money and that elusive Gold Bracelet! Click on the banner below to find out all the details and stake claim to your seat at the table in Vegas!

World Series of Poker Qualifier

WSOP package

DraftKings Promo code and Beginner’s Guide

New to fantasy sports and want to find out what all the hype is about? Currently, DraftKings is offering a promotion where they are matching all first time deposits 100%. DraftKings offers a wide variety of wagering options NFL, MLB, PGA, NBA, NCAA, MMA, NHL, and Soccer. With contests starting as low as $.25, you can get into the daily fantasy sports action. Some of the top prizes in fantasy sports top the 1 million dollar mark. This past NFL season, several people were able to turn $27 into a cool million during the NFL season. With the popularity only rising, look for the prizes to only get higher!!!

 Click Below for the Promo

What’s the Catch?

The only thing on the deposit that sometimes confuses new users is the fact that they don’t release the entire bonus immediately upon your deposit. Instead, the bonus is released over time through a point system you accumulate from playing tournaments. Some people do not like this, but if you think about it. There would be a lot of scammers that would try and manipulate the system if it weren’t for that safeguard. It stinks you don’t get the match right away, but in the end it makes for a better playing environment.


Where’s the promo code?

No need for a promo code. Just click on the banner above and you will automatically receive the 100% bonus on your first deposit.


Referral Bonuses

Draft Kings is always looking to expand and acquire new customers. In order to try and spread the word of mouth they will offer referral bonuses for each time you refer your friends or family. The rewards vary from time to time depending on the current tournaments they are trying to promote. In the past they have offered free millionaire maker tickets, or sometimes if you refer two people you can get a $100 tournament ticket. In order to get your referral bonuses you will need to access it through your Draftkings account.


Guaranteed Prize Pools

Otherwise referred to as GPP’s. These tournaments are top heavy and offer some of the biggest prizes if you can make a top finish. These are the tournaments where you will find the million dollar top prizes, but you will also be competing against very large fields. It sure is fun striving for that big payout, but it can be extremely difficult to reach that number 1 spot.


50/50’s and Head to Head

These are some of the safest contests to enter if you are looking to build a consistent bankroll. The variance is much lower on these games, and you will need to score way fewer points than in a GPP to win. With these types of matches you are basically doubling your money if you win, and you are either playing someone heads up, or a big tournament where the top 50% receive payouts. I typically, will enter several of these contests with a few GPP’s sprinkled here and there in case I hit it big with one of my lineups.


Diversify Your Lineups

I always recommend having at least 3 lineups for each Guaranteed Prize Pool Tournament you enter. The advantage of doing this, is that it helps reduce some of the risk in case someone gets injured or they have a bad game. This is the same strategy that Financial Advisors use to help reduce risk in somebody’s stock portfolio. This is a technique all of the top Daily Fantasy Sports Gurus instill on a daily basis. I recommend trying it out on the quarter games, until you get the hang of it.


Value Plays

One of the main keys all the Daily Fantasy Sports professionals focus on is finding the best value plays for the day. If you can locate 2 or 3 cheap players that are looking to have break out games, it can free up a lot of extra cash. This will allow you to spend up on the stud players who will dominate the touches on their teams. The best way to find value plays, is to locate players who have just been injured and plug in the players who will benefit from that player being out of the lineup. It usually takes Draft Kings several games before they start to increase the players salary based on their success. I will take advantage of this until the salary increase.

Look Out For Injury Updates

If you are serious about playing fantasy sports, you need to be connected and know where to look for the latest injury updates and important news breaks. If you have ever played NBA Fantasy Basketball you know what I mean. One slip up can cost you your entire lineup for that night if you are not paying attention. You can always check here on my site Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup,, or check at for the latest injury and news updates. The good thing about DraftKings is that they allow late game swaps. If you realize someone is hurt you can swap them out as long as it is before tip off. Fanduel will not allow you to do this, and is one of the reasons I don’t like to play there.


Check back here daily for recommended Fantasy Sports Lineups!!!

With the Super Bowl only one game away, expect a defensive battle with every defensive player giving everything they have. This is the last chance of the season for fantasy football, so I am hoping to get a BIG win to finish off the season right. Here is my methodology for my picks:

Seahawks Defense: In the first game of the season the Seahawks shredded Aaron Rodgers and I expect them to do the same with his current calf injury. It’s hard to say who Richard Sherman will cover, he will typically play one side of the field and will not follow receivers around the field if they rotate. This might open up some opportunities for Randall Cobb in the slot, but I am just not sure if Rodgers will have time to get him the ball.

Tom Brady: The future Hall of Famer is by far the most experienced quarterback left in the playoffs and I expect him show off his talents. The only concern for me with Brady is his Center Bryan Stork not playing this game. This could potentially cause some problems, but I know Bill Belichick has a plan in place to help alleviate the pass rush. (I am guessing quick screens and under routes to the slot)

Danny Amendola: I mad the mistake of dropping Amendola last week right before kick off time and it cost me big in some GPP’s. I thought with Julian Edelman back last week Danny would not get the touches, but I was completely wrong. They are a terrific receiver duo and Brady was constantly in a empty set last week with 5 wide receivers. With no real running game, I can see them doing the same game plan this week with a bunch of quick screens.

Daniel Herron: He had a monster game last week and shows great explosiveness out of the backfield. His greatest attribute is his abilities to catch short passes, and the Indianapolis Colts take full advantage of his skill set. Last week he caught 8 passes in addition to his normal rushing duties. Trent Richardson did not even travel with the team, so Daniel Herron is in all my lineups this weekend. Let’s hope he doesn’t funble the football.

Jermaine Kearse:  He was a pleasant surprise last weekend after coming back from his injury. Russell Wilson had a tremendous game last week and had perfect touch on his passess. One of these perfect touch passes connected with Kearse on a long TD grab. With Wilson’s scrambling ability it could really open up some long passes for Kearse or Doug Baldwin.

Check back here before game time for last minute scratches and updates!!!


Randall Cobb spent several hours in the hospital last night with severe pain. He is active, but I would not play him today!!!!


Fantasy football NFL Picks

This is your last chance to get in on some NFL fantasy football action. With only 2 games to choose from this Sunday it is going to be difficult to get out in front of the rest of the pack. In order to take home first prize I recommend trying to go with a contrarian approach and take a shot at a few players people may not have in their lineups. I am shying away from Rodgers this week because of his calf injury, and I think it will also affect the running game in a negative way. Here are some reasons I am going with the below players this week.

Russell Wilson: I really like Russell Wilson, he has the legs to really add up some fantasy points if he gets running. Since this is the playoffs I can see him really pushing some plays he might normally slide on. Given his track record from last year in the clutch, I could easily see him putting up over 30 fantasy points.

Daniel Herron: Talk about a football catching machine, he had 8 catches last week out of the backfield. At his price and with Trent Richardson on the blacklist he is a must play in all my lineups. His only downfall will be if he can’t hold onto the football like 2 weeks ago. Coach has shown he will not hesitate pulling him out if he doesn’t take care of the rock.

Danny Amendola: Don’t make the same mistake I made last week that cost me big bucks. I had Amendola in all my lineups then….. at the last minute for whatever reason, I got scared and pulled him from every single one, because I was afraid he wasn’t going to get the touches. Brady proved me wrong and went to him on several key plays. He went off for 25 fantasy points and cost me big in all my GPP’s.

Seashawks D: With Aaron Rodgers banged up, I just don’t see him having his mobility and the touch he will need on his passes to beat the Legion of Boom. I expect to see the Seahawks to feast on the Packers this Sunday.


Randall Cobb spent several hours in the hospital last night with severe pain. He is active, but I would not play him today!!!!


DraftKings NFL Picks Divisonal Round

Like always, I recommend using this lineup as a starting point, and making some adjustments based on your research. If you have any recommended lineups, please comment below and good luck this weekend!!!